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    * Stay away from WebHostPlus!!!

    Hey guys,

    Just want to share our experience with If you want to work with worse company possible, give them a call. You will regret it for sure. I'd prefer they would be a complete fraud - at least you can file a charge back in that case. Here is some points to remember:

    - Worse support you can imagine, you can wait for days and your tickets will be just deleted (not closed - deleted) without any reply

    - They literally lied (that's a nice way to do business!) to us dozens of times just to tell the opposite in several hours

    - Servers were offline for hours (and we were lucky ones - other people were offline for days) and nobody gave a crap about it

    Their call center is absolutely useless. Here is actual call (was the same scenario several times)

    "Hi, we have a server down. - "Hello. We are working on it, right now" - "Uh? Do you know which server is it?" - "Can I have your company name? *** Thank you, I'll send a ticket to datacenter" - "!?? I already sent a ticket to data center!" - "well. There is nothing else we can do about it"

    Would be funny, if it was somebody else's server offline.

    - They charged us for several servers and promised to do migration - it happens they have no idea what they are doing - could not finish migration and refused to give refund "because we spend 25 hours working on your server". Man! How "smart" you should be to spend 25 hours on moving 20 accounts from one server to another?

    - After we asked for refund and tell them we'll file a chargeback - they did process the refund but for 20% of the amount. Now, the chargeback is not possible because there is no prove they promised larger refund (why would they give such prove?) and credit company can not do a chargeback if some refund was processed (even if you paid $5000 and they refunded $5). Tip for the future - file chargeback first - talk later.

    This was truly the nice and educational experience. Glad we got out of there in time - even after we lost monthly payment for several servers to them and thousands in refunds to customers for downtime they caused - it could be much worse.

    So, if you want some excitement in your life - give them a call. Make sure you ask for Leonid - he'll take a "good" care of you and your money.

    By the way, they own now - so if you see the offer for dedicated servers which is too good to be true there - it most likely is.

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    Sorry to hear about that terrible experience, what was your domain name with them ? Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    Dinix WAS great. It's been 2 months since Webhostplus took over and my VPS server has been down about 200 hours since then. Today it's down again.


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    Also, for user 911.. What was your domain name???

    Or is user 14323 going to sign up and tell us not to use Dinix/Webhostplus.
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    Originally posted by Tulip-Dennis
    Also, for user 911.. What was your domain name???

    Or is user 14323 going to sign up and tell us not to use Dinix/Webhostplus.
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    Hi Tulip-Dennis,

    I understand your comment, but really not comfortable to give our domain name in this post. Those guys are terrible at helping people, so I can assume they may be good at something else.

    This is not an attempt to badmouth competitors. I just hope I found something like this about them before sign up to protect our customers and our business from the "unfortunate" events (well, with Dinix announcing servers relocation to them only 2 days in advance we did not have much choice any way).

    By the way, what knowing the domain name of people who got framed will change? Assurance it's true? But I can think of dozens domain names right now, someone can give to appear legit.

    This forum was a great help to us in finding new host and avoiding bad ones; I just want to give my 2c.

    Thank you

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    Sounds kind of shady with user911 and user78 bashing on some company with only 1 post.....

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    whom to belive, in such situations.

    better go with reliable ones.

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    Originally posted by mycroftx
    All lies!
    I am renting a dedicated server from webhostplus and everything works fine, maybe u can't just administrate your server ?
    You are right, I have no idea how administrate the servers, and do not have time to do this. That's why I'm paying other people to do it.

    WHP charged us to transfer accounts from old servers - was not able to do this (is it really so complicated?) in 3 days (that's how much we had before our servers went offline at dinix); after everything was connected again they had our servers down for hours again just because nobody was at data center (all they had to do is to restart dns server); we hired other company to do the account transfer (it was done in 30 min + time of actual data upload); we ask WHP for refund for service they did not do but charged us for; whp told us they spent over 20+ hours on this (!!) and asked us to go screw ourselves. That just in addition to countless lies (yes, laterally, plain ugly lies) they feed us during that exciting time. Is this the company you want to entrust your business to? Well, I'm glad we got out and it's over.
    Sounds kind of shady with user911 and user78 bashing on some company with only 1 post.....
    Yes, I'm new to this forum (actually found it while looking for whp replacement) and only read here before; do not know as much as you guys to post. Just feel like sharing.

    Anyway, if it's working for you - great. But it was extremely disappointing, I'd say even shocking, experience for us compare to 4 or 5 other hosting providers we worked with before in 5 years online.


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    Off topic: Dennis, I love the design of your website.

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    Originally posted by aingaran
    Off topic: Dennis, I love the design of your website.
    Thanks I'll give a link of the thread to our design guy

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    >> "Sounds kind of shady with user911 and user78 bashing on some company with only 1 post....."

    Just Google "dinix webhostplus problems" (no quotes) for more complaints.

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