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    Yousendit type script

    Hello, I am looking for something that works similar to

    Basically, allow guest to upload files, then give them a link to a page that has ads on it, with a masked link to download the file. The link must be masked so no one can direct link to it.

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    Anyone know of something?

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    If you do find one could you share the link with me, also there is rapidshare which is nice but would be nice to find a script like that also

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    yes, right

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    I have a script that works nearly exactly like rapidshare, all coded by myself...
    if anybody is interested, hit me up on icq at 23821240.

  7. It isnt hard to code this type of applications at all.
    Give me one full day and I can code it + backend + security.
    Its basically an upload script.
    Get someone at rentacoder to code it for $100.
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