I've been wondering for years (literally) if anything could be done to work around the following limitation I've always hit on Foundry Networks ServerIron devices (I have an XL and a couple of XL/G) :

- Configure a virtual server on the ServerIron
- Connect the real servers to virtual server directs to on various ports of the ServerIron

-> When you try to access the virtual server from any of the real servers, you'll run into timeouts and such. It seems like the device doesn't like/allow getting the query on the same port it's supposed to redirect it to.

If I make the same query to the virtual server, from a server on the same IP subnet but connected to a port on which none of the real servers are, then it always works fine.

My problem here is that I have many websites load-balanced across some servers, and none of those servers can open http connections to those websites, which is required by some APIs etc.

I've searched a lot already, and read all that I could find regarding ServerIrons, but never found anything written regarding this. Has anyone already run into this?

Eventually, I'd also be interested in knowing if this is something that doesn't happen with similar devices from other manufacturers.