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    domain pointers and google

    My host, site5, which is a great host btw, offers 5 extra domain pointers. This allows me to host 5 domains under one same account. Each pointed domain will use a subdirectory under the main domain account, but its totally masked and doenst show in browsers. They say they don't use any scripts, but rather server settings.

    My question is: what drawbacks does such tactic has, in regards to google and other SEs? will google treat such websites any differently than it would if they were using a real domain hosting? Will it give it less indexing, less PageRanking etc..?

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    Ideally Google will see your sites as separate websites. I am not too sure about pagerank boost or top rankings in search results but it is better to have a separate IP for each cusrtomer like in your case, because most webhost services host tens or hundreds of websites on a single IP. If one of these websites send spam or do a google jump in ranking using *not allowed* methods, google might block search engine listing of all websites hosted on the same IP. Similar to one bad apple rottens the others. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    since it wont show its masked or anything (its like real hosting) it will be treated like any other main domain hosting.
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