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    Alot of domains going, 1 PR2

    im trying to raise $330 to do so im selling just about every site i have
    was a very popular forum but do to the money needed closed, stats were lost when we moved server, its expires august this year and is a PR2 and
    never had time to deal with them so just make an offer
    was a popular image site hasnt been used in a while not realy loking for much
    once used to sell hosting no longer needed as i dont bother with that anymore and i just need the fast cash

    5 sites there just hoping to get them gone as soon as possible, payment via paypal please make an offer, more information is available on request or if i have missed soemthing please say

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    when they expire: -> 2006/02/21 -> 2006/02/22 -> 2006/02/23 -> 2006/02/26

    MainAccess avnt checked couse im waiting for my account details to be sent, i no its expires around august this year

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  4. #4 and has a bid of $25 so far

  5. #5 stats - stats i found from MainAccess not entirely true they are dated back a month

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    do they have ICANN ?

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  8. #8 and has a bid of $30

    BIN for those 2 is $50

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    top50hosts (both of them) have been sold

    still for sale,,

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