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    ip blocking program

    Hi all,

    website visitors are using mass downloaders, is there any way to block the ip automatically using some program, when it exceeds 3Mb per day [to a specific ip]?

    In awstats (status showing soft), it shows the data tranfer per ip [usually of to 10 or 20 ip's].
    So is there anyway to get a free program, which may be checking the data transfer rate to a single ip address and block the access from that ip when it exceeds 3Mb per day ?

    I have tried editing the .htaccess file by blocking the getright,offline explorer and other downloaders.But it seems of no use to me.

    It would be great help, if anyone can suggest a good method to block these downloaders.

    Thanks in advance

    Waiting to hear from you all,

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    haven't you posted this at lol
    pay few bucks and let them do the job for you

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    hello orbitz,
    none seem to come up with a good ans..haha lol..

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    pay a few backs and wait your server be crashed someday...
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    haha.. xelav.. none is coming with any new ideas here too???

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    one way you can do is to limit number of downloads per files instead of blocking ip,

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    orbitz..itz not jst one file..

    i need to block the ip according to the data transfered through port 80.. not according to the files downloaded.
    coz..i need to block the ip according to the total data transfered [including the html..gif..and all other files. ]..

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    what else have you tried to block offline downloader?

    you can read this article here:

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    and you can search for more agents, add it to the list.

    blocking IP is not really effective for one can change ip

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