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    Hey Everyone, it's me again!

    I'm just posting to know, on average what are your support time responses?

    Also, how would YOU handle a ticket you didn't know the answer to? Would you google it to find the answer in which you could mess up or would you leave it for another tech and an unhappy customer or would you fix it with the possibility of screwing up?

    I know what I do, I research the problem and re-research it looking on various pages seeing different causes for the problem and different fixes, I then go for the one that I think will be easiest for me and best for the server... Just looking for other peoples opinions, see if I can make my support times abit faster and more effecient .

    Kind Regards,

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    I want to go in hosting business in short time. This is very interesting point and I will do it like this, also.

    Learning by doing.

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    I personally google when I don't know an answer and if I can't find something detailed enough - talk to someone in anoher department who will know the answer.

    And better to give quality answers rather than instant useless answers.
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    This is a very interesting question. Basic level questions regarding account setup or email setup etc. are very easy to answer thus they go out quickly. Higher level tech support requests are usually referred to a system administrator or consultant who helps with difficult issues. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    For web hosting related issues, wht, ev1 or's forums are some I frequent to find any answer that I have not come across.

    Google is also your friend....

    Same day response & resolution are standard... Usually within an hour or so.

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    I agree with the above in that google is your friend. You should note that customers always want answers asap, so don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call your favorite guru.

    IMO, response within an hour is acceptable so customers know that the ticket has been received and the problem is being looked into.

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    Thanks guys, great response... I'm sure I'm doing the right thing then .

    See you all at the top!


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    When speaking with someone live, it is best to answer the easier questions, because they are 100% the way they are. If there is a complicated quesiton like, for example dealing with a tech support issue, then perhaps they should send in an email or support ticket.
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    The biggest challenge comes with front line staff is communication- listening, understanding, re-acting.

    The support and service should be such as that the customers should feel that they are not a number they are an individual.

    This can be overcome through if management of different webhosting companies takes initiative to upgrade and trained them.
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