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    * Adding DNS -Making the website never down.

    Hi all,

    I have a doubt in my mind which may make the website never down. Im not sure whether this will work out. So i need suggestions from you all.

    Usually we give 2 DNS for a website.Let that be
    1. and

    for example, if our domain is created in another server '', will it be possible for me to add dns like this ?


    So what i mean to say is, when the is down, since our domain is created in will our domain get automatically redirected to ,so that our website will never be down ??

    Itz something like, when is down, will the domain get redirected to ??

    Is there anywhere we can give a preference like that ?

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    How about have ns1.domain.comf point to server A and point to server B. If that is the case the dns will always be online.

    As far as the server always being online, technically it should but if a user has the DNS cache it will not work. Unfortunatly pretty much all isps cache the DNS information so your plan would work out as nice as it would seem on paper.
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    so the is not really required?

    Can i give as this ?

    will this work??

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