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    Google and Subdomains

    A quick question, not so much SEO as the impact of SEO.

    I'm pulling together a website, and I'm looking potentially to subdivide content into various subdomains (better to control it, and also to allow targeted access to specific subjects). There is a lot of discussion on how Google deals with subdomains, so I thought that a little research was in order.

    If you search for "bbc news" you get returns from both and as separate results (no indenting). If however you search for "yahoo news" all the returns come up under the domain - displaying only 2 out of the many possible pages and subdomains.

    Does anyone know why there is a difference in the way subdomains are dealt with?

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    sub domains are seen as a whole seperate site and can pull the power of what a index page would, say over a subpage of your site.

    if you do use sub domains, you will have to have alot of links to each sub domain to see any real benefits of these working and ranking in the search engine result pages at Google.

    you will need to have a good link strategy to effectively use sub domains to your advantage. If not, I would personally just go with your standard file convention structure on a domain or /sub-folders/.

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