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    Hostdime CC Fraud *Important* Iam Affected

    There is a site hosted at hostdime server where creditcards are made avliable publicly for users its warez community and also setealing cc's and posting in there and one of my cc is laying there.

    i have informed them but no action taken also submiited ticket but ticket has been deleted but also informed to cc company abt it.

    This site is hosting illegal stuffs like creditcard infos and others
    mod edit: URL removed

    site having illegal activites like creditcard number and doing
    fraud.which is bad

    server hosted

    IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
    IP Location: - Florida - Orlando - Inc

    but wat is the other solution ? how to complaint to FBI ? Hostdime sucks all my tickets has been deleted
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    Well it looks like they have taken the site down now, it is still pointed to their servers just not working right now.

    Contact the FBI and let them know.

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