Hi, I'm alittle new to dedicated servers and I was just needing some help in getting some stuff up.

My server is going to be mostly a media server, to contribute files to others, so I want to get FTP working to upload. I have webmin as a control panel so I went into servers and ProFTPd. I try and start it and get the following error: Failed to start FTP server : - getaddrinfo 'Gamehosts2' error: Name or service not known - error: unable to determine IP address of 'Gamehosts2' - error: no valid servers configured - Fatal: error processing configuration file '/etc/proftpd.conf'

I have no clue what that means.

Secondly I want to get the DNS up for a domain, I explored Bind but I'm 100% lost in the IP's, nameserver, etc. I want my domain to point to my FTP home folder whenever I get that working.

Also the File manager in webmin won't work, something about cannot connect to class, I dunno.

I'm looking for any and all help, even any security settings to keep me safe away from hackers and such.

My MSN and AIM are [email protected] and LordInuyasha Jay, if you want to talk to me easier and my site that is on its own server is lordinuyasha.com