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    Should I DNS cluster?

    Hi, im a bit lost on DNS clustering. I have two dedicated servers currently. is it necessary for me to do DNS clustering on both of these servers using cpanel? what are the pros n cons on doing this. anyone glad to share? thanks

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    accring to my experience, i think it is necessary!

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    in my view, you need to do it ,it is important!

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    Absolutely, without a doubt. My *** has been saved by my secondary and tertiary nameservers many times. In my opinion, backup nameservers are *VITAL* to maintaining anything close to high uptime and stability. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Thanks guys for the reply.. i will do my clustering ASAP!
    just for clarification, what does the clustering do actually?

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    I would like an explaination on what it does as well... - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
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    Originally posted by scravius
    Thanks guys for the reply.. i will do my clustering ASAP!
    just for clarification, what does the clustering do actually?
    With whm's clustering feature it simply keeps all the DNS zones syncronized between your servers. From there, you have your nameservers spread between the "cluster" of servers and if one machine's DNS service goes down or doesn't respond it will goto the next nameserver which has an identical copy of all the DNS records so the propegation can still occur.
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    Sounds like standard DNS 'best practice'...

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    so very worth it

    We pay a mear $35/mo to for one of their crappy boxes and we put our DNS there. Over the past month it's saved my IRC networks *** so many times it's not even funny. There are times our webserver might take a attack, or that FreeBSD decides it wants to just be a pain in the *** (more recent). Because of it, our users didn't know there was any issues, since they could still resolve us and continue on their way.

    for $35 and a couple hours of time, it's just so worth it.
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    Redundant DNS is very important. It's much more efficient to build a small cpanel cluster and then find a secondary service such as ultradns for your critical infrastructure domains. This ensures ultimate reliability. It's much cheaper and easier to manage than a ton of cpanel slave servers too!
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