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    need person who knows php/mysql/flash/actionscript


    I am in need of a coder who knows their stuff and likes a challange. I have a project that is like no other that they have done before, as it would be an educational internet based software.

    I have a copy of an old (Windows 98) program which is similar to what I want to create online.

    Programer will need to know:
    php,mysql,java,flash,actionscript and css.

    Programer will get paid for this job and could also possibly continue development of this project as it launches if we are able to sell it. I am willing to take two programers who would/could work together

    Those who have a basic ability to do graphic design will also have a +

    I will email those who sound serious and who are able to document they have the needed skills the demo of an old dead program that is basiclly what I want to create.

    thanks all
    email or post or pm me

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    Would be interested to do this.

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