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    Arrow Small Flash Design needed

    Hey guys, I'm making another website, and really don't feel like doing the flash myself. I know it has a little be of bothersome scripting to it, but shouldn't be too hard. Low bids will possible bring future work as well.


    The website is located @

    -You'll see the empty white box saying flash image here. What I need is a basic flash image that'll have 5 small .gif's rotating in a circle slowly.

    -Each image will have action onMouseOver, in which case the circle will stop, and that particular button will unfade (more opacity), and possible get a bit larger. Once clicked, it'll forward the browser to a particular url.

    -The images aren't that high detail, and I understand I can't expect too much out of this..but I need it to look as professional, and as clean as possible.


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    I can do this for you..

    Talk to me on AIM:



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    Hi, still looking for a developer for this project! Please PM me or post here, thanks.

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    Thanks for your feedback guys! I have found somebody for this job, thanks.

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