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    domain or subdomain


    My 5 year old domain enjoys over 40,000 entries in google.
    I currently run a successful forum, and I'm about to start a couple of new forums. My current forum's URL is in a subdomain form:

    My question is: is it any better if I start each new forum with its own domain name? or should I better just run each as another subdomain to the same 5 years old domain name that I started with?
    Thats of course in terms of popularity and search engines indexing and ranking etc..

    what is the pros and cons of a new domain in comparison to a subdomain of an already heavily indexed domain?

    Thanks for your thoughts and sugestions in advance

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    Depends what you are looking for: a forum's website about anything or many forums about specifics topic.

    If you choose to use subdomains people will remember your domain as a place where you talk about general content nothing specialized.

    So you'd be better with a domain for each of your forum if you want your sites to be known for their specificity


    subdomains if you want a big place where people can talk about anything.

    Another thing, domains are much more easier to remember than subdomains.

    My two cents

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    Go with a separate domain. You can add a banner of the new forum somewhere in your current forum for marketing. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    you can always redirect the subdomain tothe new domain and it will be indexed faster AFAIK.

    not SEO guy, maybe other can explain more
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