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    Review: MaximumASP

    I've come here a couple of times and asked for advice on dedicated servers, as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Primary reason for this is because we pay so much for our VPS server accounts with MaximumASP. That's not to knock them -- I was one of their very first customers and due to their rock solid network, servers and all Microsoft certified support team, our company has grown significantly. We pay out a few grand a month in VPS fees because we didn't have the manpower to manage our servers ourselves.

    I was about to make the switch to ThePlanet (very reluctantly) when I called MaximumASP to discuss some other issues with them. It was then that the support guy on the other end told me about their new server offerings -- offerings I hadn't even seen since they launched over two months ago. Before, I felt like they were charging too much for too little server -- not anymore!

    They now have a Dual Xeon 2.8GHz with 2 gigs of ram, 1000 gigs of bandwidth (any direction) with a RAID 5 3x73 setup for $499 a month, which is very much in line with the other offerings I've been exploring. On top of that, they're providing server stats tracking, 500 mb SQL Server, a slew of COM+ components and literally, the best support I've seen out of a dozen or so hosting companies -- for $499 a month. They also have a Dual Xeon 2.8GHz with 1 gig of ram, 2x80 gig SATA RAID 1 with 500 gigs of bandwidth for $299 (all components, etc included as well).

    On the Windows hosting forums, they're pretty well known as a rock solid VPS provider, but they've never been known for their dedicated servers because of the cost and lack of options compared to others. If you need Windows dedicated servers, you cannot go wrong with these guys.

    I am not affiliated with MASP in any way other than being a long time customer. I know the whole support staff, and being an MCSD myself, having people who know what the heck they're talking about is a God send.

    If you feel like mentioning me when you sign up, I get a slight discount on my services -- however, I don't want anyone thinking I'm just out for a financial gain here, because I'm happy to pay the fees I'm paying -- so if you don't mention me, that's perfectly fine as well.

    Sean Stallings

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    I have always admired MaximumASP.

    I got my very first taste of windows hosting on one of their VPS plans in 2001 and was an ongoing customer for a couple of years.

    Wow...what a plast from the past! And now we are about to launch our very own dedicated server company! What a long way we've come.

    In many ways we have modeled our attitude toward excellence in customer support after my very pleasant experience with them. I am glad to hear they are doing so well. They are very good people.
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