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    Looking for some Used Parts for starting a Test Data Center Setup.

    Ok, Well some of you may have allready seen my post before about my test data center im working on. But for those who havnt heres what i currently have

    7 Foot Rack "42 Unit??"
    Cisco Catalyst 2924 EN-XL 22 10/100 Ports 2 10/100 Fiber
    Cisco 2520 Router "Just to learn"
    RaQ 2 Cobalt 64 MB Ram 12 GB HD
    RaQ 3 running RaQ 4 OS 512 MB Ram 40 GB HD
    Working on getitng some IBM servers
    and the whole patch pannel do dad things.
    Verizon FIOS 15 Mbit Down 2 Mbit up.

    Anyway so I was wondering if anyone had some equiptment from a old setup Not to old Something that can actually run for testing. If you have any ideas on stuff you might want to get rid of let me know If not I would like to get some of the following.

    Rackmountable Battery Backup
    Rack Mount KVM
    Some Rack Mount Servers something that i can either install Windows 2003 Preferably or Linux onto.
    or any other stuff you can think of.
    Edrick Smith
    Film Production

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    Running a datacenter, you will need more upstream than downstream since all your data oging out is upstream...

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