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    "" Extremely Unique site!

    We would like to offer for sale. PodLister is an extremely unique site, taking advantage of the millions of iTunes and iPod users around the world. They can sign up simply, and then upload their iTunes Library .xml. Then they can share the link for anyone to see what songs they have. We have not promoted the site yet so there is no traffic apart from our development team. AdSense is currently counting $3 a day.

    Please PM all bids, questions may be asked here. We are looking for over $x,xxx.


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    Interesting concept,a little to pricey though if you ask me.
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    it isnt pricey. if it is getting $3/day from adsense that is over $1,000 per year and when buying a website you pay 12-48 months of the current income (at least thats what usually goes on)

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    12-24 months revenue is something that is only considered with -established- sites.

    Developed and established are NOT the same thing.

    This domain was registered 4 days ago.

    No one in their right mind could estimate an average income over 4 days.


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    if it really gets $3 bucks a day...thats only 90 bucks max a month...times by 3 ...and 270 dollars would be my highest offer...

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    I agree that the price is a little high, but I like the concept. I've been following this area for quite awhile... does your software utilize XSPF? I've been a big fan of similar sites like WebJay - I think businesses like this will take off in the near future. Very interesting stuff.

    Good luck on the sale
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    i like the idea alot , good luck with the sale

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    Originally posted by TheComputerGuy
    4 members...

    if it really gets $3 bucks a day...thats only 90 bucks max a month...times by 3 ...and 270 dollars would be my highest offer...
    Personally, I feel 3 months revenue is a lowball valuation, but I do agree you can't base revenue off of 4 days of stats. If you can find people willing to sell you sites for 3 months revenue, more power to you, you should make a kiling in this business.

    Regardless, I still feel the name and concept of the site could be worth $X,XXX, especially once the zeitgeist feature is in. Zeitgeist sites are in these days, and I could see tons of myspace users with links to their podlister playlists in the near future.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    If it gets no traffic, but makes $3 a day from adsense, then your developers are clicking on the adsense ads which is against the Adsense TOS. Not to mention it's not real income.

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    Development team includes our "Quality Assurance" and "Future Tech" groups. We don't force them to click the ads

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