If you have your own AS number and address space he.net has a new promotion for you! Buy up to 200 Mbps or more delivered via gige and get an equal amount, up to 200 Mbps free!

This promotion can be used with any new orders, with a limit of one per customer, and is only available over the same connection as the initial order.

For example, a customer could order 200 Mbps @ $20/Mbps and get an extra 200 Mbps included for free, for a total of 400 Mbps as the base traffic included. Additional traffic over 200 Mbps would be billed at $20/Mbps.

This means that if you qualify for the offer, you can get 400 Mbps burstable on a Gig-E interface for only $4000! Thats $10/Mbps for the first 400 Mbps!

This offer is avalible at any he.net pop, and is avalible for a limited time only. Send me an email at [email protected], or call me at 1-800-845-0146 x122 for more details.

If you don't qualify for this offer, remember that he.net has great rates for you also! An unlimited 100Mbps connection (via 100BT) is only $2000/month, or choose a full gig for only $13,000/month! Have another need? Email or call and we will work on a custom quote for you!

he.net pops include:
Equinix Ashburn, Equinix San Jose, Equinix Chicago, Equinix Dallas, Equinix LA, Level 3 NY (111 8th Ave), Telehouse New York, PAIX Palo Alto, Hurricane Fremont (760 Mission Court, Fremont CA), Hurricane San Jose (55 South Market, San Jose CA), NIKHEF Amsterdam, and London Telehouse Docklands East.
Reid Fishler