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    Question Named load issue and suexec question..

    I have dedicated server at LT (AMD Barton 3000+/1 GB/IDE with WHM) with ~200 accounts and 300 zones in named.

    From few days load is quite high (>2, normal was 0,8-1,0). I looked into to cpu and memory usage stats and named is the top process wich use memory and processor.

    named  4.64 1.32 0.0 
    Top Process %CPU 7.1 /usr/sbin/named -u named 
    Top Process %CPU 6.8 /usr/sbin/named -u named 
    Top Process %CPU 6.7 /usr/sbin/named -u named
    I try to clean up zones, but nothing good happens. Do you have any optimization tips?

    I have also another question - is it possible to use any php accelerator together with phpsuexec?

    Thanks for any help, and sorry for my english.
    Best regards .

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    Yes, this is the problem I am trying to fix. It is making me pull all my hair out. If anyone knows, please let me know!

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