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    Best Providers For Middle East & Asian Businesses?

    We are currently with Servint and have several VPS's with them. However, several of our clients, mainly in the Middle East are complaining of slow download times, POP email problems (timing out, not receiving/sending properly, webmail timing out etc).

    We contacted Servint about this but they were unable to replicate the problem on their side so the problem must lie somewhere along the way.

    Anyone on this board with clients in the Middle East and Asia have good experiences with any hosting providers? Urgently need some good and reliable recommendations - main factors are fast support and excellent reliablility. Price is not a big issue (although we are not looking for providers with Rackspace's rates!)

    Thanks for your help!

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    It could well be an issue with the Middle East ISPs and their network infrastructure and/or international lines. As the Servint data centers have excellent connectivity it's not sure you will get better results when moving to a different hosting provider.

    But when you are looking for a solution for your Middle East and Asian clients only, you could consider hosting providers with data centers in Malaysia, India or Singapore.

    As our experience with Asian based hosting is limited to our new account in a Malaysian data center, I'm not able to make a well-informed recommendation right now.

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