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    I need an opinion ! -- > hosting something important

    So I sold this small product on my countrys local EBAY auction site

    Suddenly it turned out a large sucess and now it is one of the TOP 10 Sellers.

    The thing is all of my auctions images are hosted in my Internet Service Provider amateur hosting service. Those types where people create personal sites.

    The images are vital for the auctions sucess.

    Altough the service is pretty realiable I am a bit worried with it. My ISP is the biggest in the country. It's important to mention also that my ISP amateur hosting service is the fastest in my country.

    Should I move to a bigger host and get the images there?

    I only use like 2-3 mb disk space but a lot of bandwidth.

    What should I do?

    Please help.

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    You write about your ISP that their service is pretty reliable and the fastest in your country. What do you need more........

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    Technically whether you are hosted elsewhere with a hosting provider, or continue to host with your ISP you are hosted somewhere if your ISP allows hosting of such content and you are not finding any issues with the current setup, why incur further costs with your setup and outsource just for image hosting?

    Alternatively, if you are finding the service from your ISP to be slow, and or your ISP does not allow image hosting then you should consider an alternative host.

    One thing you could do if you are planning to locate a hosting provider is research what country most of your buyers are from and select a host from that country as it would mean your buyers would have fast access to the images and faster load times.

    Best of luck, if you need any more help, send me a PM, ill be glad to help you out where possible.
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    The biggest host may not be the best one. Sometimes the bigger the host is, the more likely they are to overload their servers.

    How difficult would it be for you to change some of the image links to a seconday host?

    You could try splitting your files between the host you are with now and another host to see how the new host works out for you.
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    I have like 1/8 of the images on my reseller account and it is pretty slow from here

    but in my ISP is very fast so I think I am going to keep my ISP and they are pretty realible also..
    So I dont think I should worry a lot.

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    Save yourself a lot of hassle and use for image hosting.

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