Image Hosting System v1.3.4

- on sale for $50.00 through 05/20/2005 -

The Image Hosting System is an image hosting solution that can be easily installed on your web site. Adding it to your site gives your visitors the ability to upload images to your server for hosting. The system includes a full HTML layout that can be used as-is. This provides you with a quick "turnkey" solution for image hosting.

An easy-to-use control panel lets you manage your system. Through the panel, you can view image bandwidth usage, image hits, and image referers. You can also remove images from your system that violate your terms (like nudity), and you can delete images that have zero hits and are older then the number of days you specify (i.e.: delete images older then 90 days with zero hits).

Version 1.3.4 also introduced new image retrieval code that properly handles a browser's ability to cache images. The system returns the proper 304 (not modified) header message, instead of the image, when the browser indicates it already cached the image. This reduces bandwidth used by your server.

For more information, visit Order from 05/16 through 05/20 to take advantage of the sale price of $50.00, which is a savings of $24.95 off the regular price.

- Brian