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    GoDaddy Reseller Program

    Hallo everyone!

    Is anybody of you a GoDaddy / WildWestDomains reseller? I'm currently
    looking for a good reseller program to take part in. WWD's reseller program
    sounds quite interesting. Does anybody in here have some experiences
    with them? How's the branding, billing, etc.? Does it all work fine? Thanks
    for answering my questions!

    By the way, if you know a better reseller program please let me know.
    But it must offer PayPal payments for both me and my customers!

    Thanks again!
    Sincerely, Dominik
    Domain Brokerage
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    You have posted in wrong section, this Hosting section. You should post here:
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    Okay, I'll start a new thread in that section. Mods, please delete this post. Thanks!
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    Sincerely, Dominik
    Domain Brokerage
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