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    I need an encryption program

    I need a way to encrypt files for some records a customer wants to load onto server and then allow their employees to access them for download.

    Would it not be easier to let them encrypt the files before uploading then have a key for employees

    encryption program run on server(linux)

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    You will find cool free encryption tools on the net. But am not recommending any by name as am not so sure if they do have a trojan hidden in them. You certainly have a great choice if you could check out on the net.

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    Would it be easier to setup a secure, password protection, section on the site where the employees could log into and from their, they could download...
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    what if the server is hacked?(we dont plan on it ...) they would have the easy access to this info,thats just not secure enough

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    I found my answer as the files are .tif which arleady encrypted via windows PC

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    you could just use openssl to encrypt the files aswell
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