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    Cheap server for development


    I am searching for a dedicated server or VPS, up to $50 per month, for purposes of distributed web development. I have some flexibility in platform choice - it can be *nix or win2k3, but the latter is preferred. The development will be done using either Java or and DB, thus the server should be able to handle it.

    In case of dedicated solution, a P3-1GHz would suffice (also Celeron 1.5GHz+ and Duron 1GHz+).

    In case of VPS, I don't really know, what the requirements should be, since I have never tried one of those. But it seems to me that VPS'es are problematic from the memory viewpoint - they're all limited in RAM. By the way, can anybody tell, whether Virtuozzo allows VPS'es to use swap? I heard that it was possible with Linux, if so - what about Windows? Also - if I have a VPS with 512MB RAM, how much would OS consume (interested to hear about both win2k3 and Linux)?

    If the OS is Windows, I will need a managed or semi-managed solution. Otherwise it can be unmanaged, although semi-managed is preferred.

    50GB/month of bandwidth, 10-15 GB of disk space and 2 ips should be enough.

    And the last requirement - the server must belong to a company with good reputation.

    Does anybody know, where to get such thing? The priority would be win2k3, but a cheap and reliable Linux box with enough RAM is also good.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. ServerPronto doesn't count, since I'm not experienced enough to take the risks of hosting without any tech. support.

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    You may want to check Dedicated Hosing Offer section. There are few nice offerings from TulipSystems and Dirtcheapwebservers.

    BustNet has good pricing on VPS

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    Thanks gounder, will definitely check those out.
    Is Dirtcheapwebservers known to have good support?

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    As of BurstNet - their only offer, which fits my budget, is 256MB VPS, but I don't think it would be enough for J2EE or, considering absence of swap.

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    if your looking for a cheap server, check out would search the boards before going with them though.

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    Dactyl, checked it out already. The guy who runs it didn't seem to be able to even provide some basic pre-sales info in 3 days time.

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    I donít have any experience with Dirtcheap nor TulipSystem. However, I have used Burst Dedicated and support was great. That was an year ago.

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    gounder, thanks for this information. I wish they had a 384MB plan for $50 =(

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    I'd recommend Tulipsystem's for this setup. We've been with them for going on a month and a half now, and it's been fantastic Supports been bad ***, sales is great to deal with, billing hasen't messed up.

    They can get you a cheap little box for $35/mo. It won't be a 1.5Ghz celly or anything, but a p3 600 - 700, which should beat any celly in that mark

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    Yeah, Tulip's offer also seems very attractive to me, and it would have been even more so, if the CPU were at least p3-1Ghz.

    Currently, I prefer to wait and see if I can find an offer that would match my configuration more closely =)

  11. u can make

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    i say infact . Their fast support and trying to work with you is very good. Dont get VPS if you can afford a dedicated server. dirtcheapwebservers have a dualp3 1.0 for a little over 60 bucks with 1 gb memory but i think they are running some special on the deciated server offer forum so you can check it with them.
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    babypowder, thanks, it really looks good

    It seems, as for the *nix box, I've got a good choice. But the priority is still Windows. Has anyone got any ideas on this matter?

    Again, thanks to everyone who cared to reply, I much appreciate WHT and the crowd here =)

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    10 would suit you.

    EDIT: Didn't fully read your post. :p

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    zonemen, heheh =)

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