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    [need developers /designers] apply here

    seeking designers and coders. We will only allow a mix of 5 - 8 developers to BID on projects via our bidding system. We will have a constant flow of work with lots of variety so it will be a good source of income.

    To gain access we need the following from you.

    * you must be over 18
    * you must be able to communicate by phone if required( location not an issue)
    * show us 3 links to your best work
    * give us 1 reference

    looking for mainly programmers php / asp / VC also designers with a mix of skills in PRINT , WEB and possible 3d/video.

    This thread will be closed once we have found the required number of developers/ designers.


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    thanks for the replies so far 1 thing could you also include your HOURLY rate. OR some kind of pricing structure.

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    I can recommend you GlobalHostStaff where you can hire the team for designing and developing the web site as per your needs. The following is the link where you will find all the details for their services.

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