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    Godaddy service and support is bad

    I have had a site hosted by godaddy for about a year and have had hundreds of emails bounced sent to me by customers. The get returned emails saying not able to contact me. I have never had over the 200 emails allowed by godaddy - not even over 50, and never get anywhere near my server space -even though that is seperate with godaddy anyway. I pay for 10 gigs of space and use 10 megs of space, but they want more money for email space. My email is how I make my living - as it is for my customers to contact me.
    There service has cost me my livelihood and I am in bad financial trouble now thanks to them. I reported this to there support many times and they say there is no trouble on there end. I found this out 2 weeks ago that this has been a serious problem for past year. I am moving immediately, and hope to have better results with my next host. Netfirms always worked good for me in the past, maybe i will go back to them.

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    sorry to hear you are having issues with GD but sounds like you have solved your problem by moving back to a host you are happy with.

    Good luck.

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    I've purchased their premium email box and everything seems to work fine.
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    Sorry to hear about your email troubles. Have you seen this thread yet:

    This guy sounds like he's having a similar problem because of spammers.
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    Yes - i would uimagine that they purposefully are causing problems for people who pay for there hosting and do not pay EXTRA for email - that just take the free email that comes with the hosting. Incentive to upgrade is what it appears to be. Godaddy does not seem to be the best choice when all is said and done. Very sad - as they seemed to be good - but like all things on the web and in the real world - appearances are deceiving. I may try instead of netfirms.....not sure yet.

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    Don't try, they are only gonna give you nightmares, you will see why 9 out of 10 people, hate
    Try hostingplex or hostcolor, while host color i have not had a site hosted with them it's supposed to be good, i host with hp and everything is fine have not had more then 1 problem with was instantly resolved.

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