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    Just got a dedicated server from fasthosts but need help installing a couple things..

    Hello everyone, i am new to the hosting game, but have been designing websites and working for php and mysql for some time.

    I have just brought a server from, ds 800 take a look at it here its running fedora core 3 and the linux matrix control panel which i have to say, i am not keen on having being used to using cpanel.
    I bought 4 ips 2for the dns 1 for shared hosting 1 for counterstrike server.

    I need help on a couple of things, i have some plans and want to try and put them into action, thank god i found this forum.

    here is a break down of what i need to do:


    counter strike server
    set up a control panel which i can easily sell shared hosting plans through
    (plus any additional software you can think of that would be useful)

    what you think, if there is anyone out there who wants to help me out please do, i am stuck and desperate.

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    phpmyadmin is setup just like a php script, easy.

    I was going to get direct admin for a control panel, havnt realy used it, only 100$ if bought from a reseller.

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    $100 is not bad

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    better than 15/month i recon witch it can be.

    phpmyadmin is mainly just setting the php settings in the files, havnt done it lately...

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    upload phpmyadmin to a folder on your website, and enter mysql info into, then it will work straight away by just browsing to the folder.

    counter-strike, download the hldsupdatetool from and run ./hldsupdatetool once to extract, which should produce a steam file. Then to install CS just run
    ./steam -command update -game cstrike -dir /home/<user>/hlds

    and then it should start installing/downloading
    the -dir location can be anywhere you want, just make it a sensible place, home is a good place, due to space/mounting restrictions on the other folders.

    If your hoster does Control Panels, you may be able to get one from them, CPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin being the cheapest, Webmin being free, HSphere & Ensim being the most expensive i think.

    Have fun
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