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    hosting accounts up for grabs


    I've been an admin for years, and have decided to get a dedicated box at to host my wife's website. I'm offering six reseller accounts on my server with the following features:


    100 GB of xfers per month: 25.00 setup fee, 25.00 a month
    1 dedicated ip
    5 GB of disk space
    20 domains
    500 email (pop3) / ftp accounts (users (those same usernames are used for ftp and email))
    60 sub domains
    60 domain pointers
    50 mysql databases
    webcp site manager

    I also would like to offer the following services for individual users that just want to park their domains, or would like to set a site up.

    domain parking: 6.00 setup fee. 6.00 per year
    1 GB of xfers per month
    1 shared ip (virtual hosting)
    5 mb disk space
    1 domain

    just webhosting: 6.00 setup fee 6.00 per month
    20 GB of xfers per month
    1 shared ip (virtual hosting)
    500 MB of disk space
    1 domain
    10 email (pop3) / ftp accounts
    3 sub domains (ftp... mail... www...)
    1 mysql database
    webcp site manager

    Additional features I can provide:

    DNS hosting (primary or secondary) (10.00 setup fee, and for as long as I have the server)
    SMTP alternate port relaying (20.00 per year)
    SSL Test certificate creation (unofficial)
    VPS Virtual Private Servers (still investigating options, but do plan on offering this)

    If you'd like something that isn't listed here, please feel free to ask. My goal, even though this is something I'm not looking to make money off of, is to provide atleast a 24 hour response time.


    [email protected]

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    My experience

    Hey all,

    Not sure if this matters but I want to tell you all my experience with GardRail. I signed up for an account yesterday with him. Super nice guy and super smart. I have bounced around to many hosts, even via Web Hosting Talk and regrettibly, most hosts here don't have that much SA experience. So I had much downtime, long time to get issues fixed, recurring issues, etc...

    I talked with Bill before signing up and explained some of my previous issues and he immediately knew the fixes. So far my speed to his server has been great. Obviously no downtime yet, only been with him a day. However, I would highly recommend Bill. Who better than to trust with your sites than an SA. I usually don't do this, but I asked him to send me his resume so I can see his SA experience and it was impressive.

    Ok enough of my novel here, seriously, signup, you won't regret it.

    Jim Janovich

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    Re: My experience

    Thanks for the kind words Jim. If anyone is interested in seeing my resume, please shoot me a PM, and i'll e-mail you a copy.

    5 accounts left.

    I've decided to do away with the setup fee all together (I've credited your account for a free month Jim). I've also decided to give a free month to individuals interested in paying three months in advance.

    Server utilization is next to nil, and I believe i've used 50GB of xfers last month.

    If you're interested in seeing how fast the connection is, you can download a test file at:


    reseller: 20.00 a month

    domain parking: 6.00 per year

    just webhosting: 6.00 a month

    dns hosting: 10.00 one time setup fee
    SMTP alternate port relaying: 20.00 a year
    SSL Test certificate creation FREE
    VPS (still evluating, e-mail if interested)

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