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    Can i Limit VPS CPU Usage

    Hello mates,

    i want to learn can i limit vps 's cpu usage like that VP1 MAX Use %20 of main cpu ?

    Virtuozzo make something like that?


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    Here is a quote from man vzctl:

           --cpulimit num
               sets limit of CPU usage for the VE in percents.  Note if the
               computer  has 2 CPUs, it has total of 200% CPU time. Default
               CPU limit is 0 (no CPU limit).
    Just run something like

    # vzctl set 101 --cpulimit 20 --save

    Also please remember that disk I/O also needs CPU cycles. Limiting CPU for a VPS which does many I/O operations can completely freeze it if you set too low limit.

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    thanks mate its done

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