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    A heartwarming story

    I was touched by a story I heard about which affects a family in the town in which I live, and the neighborhood that is rallying around them. There is a local woman who has been afflicted with a rare form of cancer, which the treatment for has wiped out the savings of her family. What struck me as so awesome is the way that everyone, and I mean everyone, in the neighborhood where they live has pulled together to try and help.

    I think it is just great to see a community pulling together to try and help one of there own. Not only are they collecting money and planning fund raisers, but the members of the neighborhood take turns cooking and cleaning for them as well.

    When I heard about this I figured I would do what I could as well so I offered to create a web site that they could use to help raise awareness. A nice little thing for me also was learning that how "cool" Loretta thought it was to have her own web site. I guess being part of anything that can be done to bring a smile to someone who is going through something so awful feels nice.

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    Very sad...

    But its what humans were made for, to help each other..

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    "And if it wasn't the helping of people to people, life would've been destoryed"
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