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    Our forum member moh2004 did not receive his $200
    from YowCow for more than 5 months, and finally
    YowCow disabled his YowCow account.

    Check out moh2004's posting here:

    Apparently, could be a scam, beware.

    Check out below yowcow-suck web site:

    moh2004, I think you can post your problem on

    Hopefully YowCow will pay you back money if they
    are ethical.

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    Burn their reputation!

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    LOL That's not good!
    Bestbg - Best "Background" Services

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    I really appreciate your concern guys

    I put a new thread there, and I also signed on the petition. Actually I have no hope to get my money back, but at least we're telling the poeple to be careful from registering with

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