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    load monitoring/load spike prevention?

    Hi all,

    Can anyone give me some tips about monitoring my dedicated server. Most of the time my server is running great with a serverload arround 1. But at some inregular moments it spikes to a value between 10 and 20. I wrote a script which will dump the output of 'top', 'ps aux' and the apache status to a log file when our serverload is high. But I can't see any cause of these loadspike in this log files.

    I also noticed the server load spikes when I did an 'du --max-depth=1' at the /home dir. But this will probably also mean that other actions of the users on my server can cause a high serverload as well.

    This is leading me to the following questions:
    - How much will a loadstike of 10-20 that last for 5-10 minute affect my server performance?
    - How can I find the cause of this loadstike?
    - Is there a way to prevent the serverload from going to high because of only one heavy process.

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    The 'Load' figure is also determined by disk activity ( I/O ) also if im correct so periodic loads like that would most likely be caused by CP updates/backups so check those out too.
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