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    Open SourceStorage

    We are looking into buying a few 1U Dual Opteron servers, and Open SourceStorage ( has good pricing.

    Has anyone had any experience with them or heard of them?
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    I've bought a dual opteron from them recently. Not much experience, but they do exist with office suite. One advantage is they are local, which make it easy for me to pickup the server and use them as a supplier for opteron servers.

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    only bad thing about them being local, 8.5~% sales tax.

    How much do their dual opterons run?

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    They sell on ebay at

    Yes, sales tax but it is worth it since they have 1-3 years warranty on parts and labor. Much faster if you need hardware replacement. It also comes with 1 years basic email support if you need them.

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    How was the quality? It looks like they build them from OEM parts - what OEM parts are they using for the case/motherboard/etc.?

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    Below is the link to the dual opteron I purchased from them. The case image, motherboard type/model, and spec are all there.

    I didn't like the ram (PC2100) and hard drives (fujitsu), but it was a good deal.

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