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    Strange Pay Site - Be Warned

    I came accross this site through another site, they was looking at buying a server through it.
    I did a little research into it and came accross quite a few scam's, also looking at the datacentre
    and there does not appear to be much history and a lot that is coming up is of scam nature.

    Registered less than a month ago:
    Created: 2005-05-14
    No SSL,GGLD:2005-07,GGLD:en&q=Beyond+The+Network+America%2C+Inc%2E+Reston+Executive+Center+12100+Sunset+Hills+Road%2C+Suite+300+Reston+VA+US+20190

    Any comments

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    Nice find, I think you'll find it somewhat similar to this:

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    It does not look good at all. But HstCreations is not right about Moneybokers. The are UK entity and as fas as I know are well-established.

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    I think he was pointing out that Moneybookers had the same images & system in place

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    They need governing bodies to whoop some scammers.. way too many on the net these days..

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