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    Question Shoutcast hosting

    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie and this is my first thread.

    Anyone could help me in information on reliable hosting of shoutcast servers?
    Pricing, modeling, how does it work?

    I found few threads on counting the bandwith and stuff, but I would like to know more on Pricing.

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    hmm well search the forum's for "shoutcast".

    then you will have to find a DataCenter were you wish to have the server's at. then go West, Cent, East, other countrys other then the US.

    then.. how much you wanna spend.

    for west, look into some may say there bad, over pack there network and sure they go offline alot. but pings are good, tech support is quick.

    other then that, hang out in the Technical & Security Issues forum to keep bad hackers away.

    as for a control panel for clients i have no idea, i dont run ShoutCast server's.

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