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    running AWBS system localy

    Hi there,

    I bought AWBS and i thought that there might be a way so i can install it localy in my development machine:

    Win XP
    License for AWBS

    I wanna first customize AWBS template and then upload it to my domain. Did anyone had the same dilema?

    Thanks, thats my first post

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    I believe that the licensing for AWBS is domain and machine specific. You might want to ask them first if you can move the license around when you are done developing and ready to go live. Otherwise, you will probably need 2 licenses.
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    two licenses?

    So you think i sould ask them a license for localhost? You can't do that!

    The real question is: When someone buys AWBS the only way to develop his solution with it is online?


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    I believe you can register it for your IP address, then run it locally through that. I can't really think of any other ways.

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