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    * worst service provider


    I have very bad experience with

    I have signed a reseller account (1 Year Plan) on jan 2005 and hosted about 6 domains.

    On March 2005, they removed my customers and our business domains, sql server and web pages with any notification.

    I lost all data and databases...

    I sent so many mails to [email protected], but yet receive any mails..

    When i sent a message to forum, they deleted that message.

    it was really frustrated....... and lost all my customers..

    Now, customers are asking their data and no response from

    Please advise me to take any legal action against

    I lost my money, data and customers..

    Thank you in advance.

    [email protected]

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    I was with them wayyyyy back in 1999-ish. They were ok at the time. They've gone seriously down hill though. Even back in 2002 I was doing some consulting with a local company that had an account with them and they said the servers were up-down-up-down all day. Don't touch 'em with a ten foot barge poll!

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    I would check their TOS to see if the data on their servers is considered yours or theirs... if it says that it is their ownership, there really isn't anything you can do, you agreed to it.
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    Depending on the value of the data itself - although you may consider it priceless - the courts may not.

    It might not be worth your time.
    If some of your clients are considering bringing a suit against you however - then you will need to also bring one against datapacket that way you can 'transfer the blame' so to speak.

    I would say if they are in the wrong (and not just a hardware failure) then yes - you could easily sue their socks off.
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