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    Smile Urgent Help Needed In Setting Up Nameservers

    Can Any One Please Tell Me How To Set Domain Nameservers For Its Says

    You must set your nameservers to:
    in order for services to work
    how do i set up these.
    Someone please help me on this.
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    Go to your registrar and point the domain to the nameserver that you have (if dedicated) or the nameserver your host gave you (if reseller).

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    Your host should provide you with this information when you signup to ensure your hosting setup is successful.

    Basically, when you signup, your host will provide you with some name servers for their servers, these will be in the form of, and so on.

    Once you have this information, you need to login to your domain control panel at your domain registrar and then look for a section related to name servers, each registrar tends to have their own section for this, and its usually named name servers or something similar, once located, enter the name server settings provided by your host and click update.

    It can take somewhere between 24/48 hours for the domain name to propagate so be patient if you are still stuck with the above process ask your host or domain registrar for some assistance, that’s what they are there for and its quicker too.
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    If you purchased a reseller account which is sounds like you did then you need to go to your domain registrar. Log into your account there and then find the domain you're using then this is the important part:

    Side Note: you may have to temporarily disable domain registrar lock temporarily to apply these changes

    1. find the link to register a new nameserver
    2. create and give it the first ip
    3. repeat through ns4 using the ips you were given
    4. That's it your done.

    If I was wrong and this is just a shared hosting account you want the nameserver fields that don't ask for an ip and you set those to and repeat through ns4 .
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