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    Just got my first domain name

    I have recently just purchased my first domain name!!! i am completely new to all this and would like to know where i should start. I own the site and use os commerce to try to sell parts. So far it has been hard. If people could give me a good link to learn more about selling stuff on the internet or if any of your computer guys could give me some helpful advice on how to imporve my site and have my company grow i would appreciate it. I have the work ethic i just need to learn some more things. Once again any advice at all i would be very thankful for. (sorry if i am posting in the wrong forum) i am new to this forum.

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    You might also want to get merchant like Paypal or 2checkout. Good luck!
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    Good on you for getting started! That is always the hardest part.

    If you want to find stuff on selling products do a search for "website marketing" via google. Remember Google is your friend ;-)

    Good luck buddy!
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    You can check with the following link for Oscommerce. You will find some sort tutorials over there for getting used to oscommerce shopping cart.

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    Originally posted by cnv
    You might also want to get merchant like Paypal or 2checkout. Good luck!
    I agree. Are there any car clubs around you? You might want to find some and let them know about your service. You could provide them with business cards or posters to put up. If you are selling good products, they'll probably tell their friends as well. Getting the word out and making people aware of you can often be challenging. Talk to as many people as you can, whenever the opportunity arises.

    Optimizing your site for search engines might help you as well.

    Good luck with your new venture.
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    I would take off the AIM IM me and replace it with boldcenter.

    Do you have a SSL Cert? I checked but I am not getting any SSL lock or security warnings about non-secure items like your graphics.

    If you are going to have a online catalog and expect purchases to be made off the net you will want a SSL which can usually be had for around $49.00 and up. If your provider offers a shared SSL you can more than likely use his.

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    Read the oscommerce manuals and read the forums there to keep up with what's going on.

    You have made some good progress on your site. Don't expect things to happen over night.
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    When we got our domain name we made sure it had that ssl thing which we needed to sell products. We had to pay extra to have it but it should be part of our site. I will check to see if there is anything else we have to do. I am mostly in charge of advertising while my brother is the webmaster. I just remember when we bought the domain name he wanted that ssl thing so we did get it.

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