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    Flash Movie Needed ASAP

    I need someone that can do 2 flash movie and they are pretty simple. One is a 4-5 slide 310X35 banner type and the other is a 200X300 2-3 slide movie.
    They will have some effects and the files need to be optimised so that the animations are no more than 20k and 25K respectively.

    I need to be able to speak to the person and in order to be sure that we understand each other's requirements.

    I have dealt with a couple people and have wasted a lot of time becuase they are amateurs trying to learn the product at my expense and time.
    If I wanted someone that is learning, I would do it myself since I am also not experienced with Flash.
    Portfolios do not impress, since it seems that many people seem to be putting up work that isn't their own.

    Serious offers please reply and PM me, I need this ASAP.

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    Hey, Check you PM's

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