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    Name Your Price

    This week I am allowing anyone interested in services to name their price (within reason of course). I know that new and small business owners often have limited budgets and I want to help.

    Here are the services that are available. If you need help with something similar and don't see that service listed, just ask! :-)

    -Forum Promotion
    -Search Engine and Directory Submissions
    -Organize Link Campaigns
    -Banner Ad Campaigns
    -Quality Content for Websites
    -Quality Articles or Reviews
    -Marketing and Business Plans

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    $3.00 a month for banner ad campaign o.O

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    $3.00 per month for Marketting and business plans

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    wo0t w0ot how about $3.00 per month for quality articles. ;-)
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    Seriously everyone,

    If you have any work for me just PM. I'll take whatever you can donate even if it is just $3.00

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