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    RC Helicopters & Airplanes

    Anyone into these on here? We went to another air show & I would love to get one. I am hoping that are no as cheap as some of the RC cars I got every year at Christmas

    I did read
    Electric rc helicopters have become very affordable and suprisingly easy to fly in recent years, making them popular 'must have' models and the fastest growing sector of the general rc flying hobby.
    And it seems I might have found a pretty good deal on one.

    The technical data:
    • Main Rotor: 510mm
    • Fuselage Length: 545mm
    • DC: 9.6V 700mAh Ni-MH Battery
    • 2 Servos
    • High Speed Motor
    • COLCO PG03 Gyro
    • MC115H Electronic Speed Controller

    It consists of three major sections: helicopter mechanical structure (including fuselage, main rotor), electronic control equipment (including battery, electronic mixed controller, and gyroscope), and remote control unit (including remote transmitter, receiver, and servo). It can simulate most flying attitudes of modem helicopter, such as hanging in the air, rolling, yawing, and moving forwars and backward. It offers unimaginable flying performance and flying performance and flying time period to help you make your flying dream come true. At the same time, it is compact, and easy to operate. In particular, it's unique framework structure with high strength offers high crash-resistance beyond comparison of any other model helicopter, cutting your flying cost considerably.

    This device uses 9.6V rechargable Ni-MHbattery for power supply. The wingspan of main rotor is 510mm, the length of fuselage 545mm, maximum flying-off weight 350g, and flying-off weight 350g, and flying-off radius 100m. (Depend on te flying environment).
    I was thinking of getting a gas one - but as I read - it said that electrical ones are easier to start with plus if you did not have the right location for the gas powered ones, you might not be able to fly it.

    Are the electrical ones just as good as the gas ones? Are the specs above good or is more information needed?

    I was reading thru Electric rc Helicopters and saw that the electric ones only last about 10-15 minutes?


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    I have two RC gas powered cars, a monster truck and racing type car.

    Good stuff.

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    I have an electric helicopter, they're not as easy as one might hope to fly.

    I'd stick with the airplanes they are like 10x easier to fly, and you don't have to continually have to worry about 4 different controls while flying them.

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    I have 2 .60 RC Plane, and 1 gas powered RC car, all of them are super sweet to spend some time with, but I have not been able to fly for some time

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