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    Total And Utter Newbie;

    Hallo all, in the past couple of months ive been messing around with various hosting solutions and have been thinking very deeply about what i want to do.

    I currently have a reseller plan at hostingzoom (very good; end user support) and have a bit of space left which im not useing (couple of gigs) so im thinking to myself "why not start up a hosting company; upgrade my account and sell off a bit of space for a bit of experience and maybe profit if im lucky".

    What does this undertake? Do i simply design the site and the scripts and then sell the space off with the use of clientexex etc.? Are there any legal things i have to undergo or sort out?

    I am already keeping a Excel spreadsheet on a cd of all my buys and sales regarding advertising; do i do this with the selling of accounts as well?

    I understand this is not a overnight thing; not a monthly thing; and maybe not even a yearly thing. But i want to take the plunge and learn a bit; even if im not making a big profit or any profit at all! Life is a learning curve

    Thanks In Advance


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    The first thing I would recommend would be to have a business plan. Then start off by registering your business, domain name and get a website up and running.

    Keep in mind you need some capital for advertising etc. Best thing would be to begin advertising locally and then moving from there.

    Good luck in your new adventure.

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    ok; that sounds very logically

    WHen you say register your business what do you mean? I live in the UK and as i said; have never ran a business in my life before!

    Thanks Again.


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    You need to register your business with your government and pay taxes and such. You can't just start selling services under a name, there has to be a record of the company, its owners, etc.

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    Ok; i'll look into that... Income tax is big here in the UK as well...

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