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    I'm looking to conduct market research, but I'm not quite sure where to start. My direct market for now is teen and young adult personal sites and blogs. I'm going to be eventually expanding my target market to include gamers and businesses. I'm looking to build up the personal hosting first, though, so that I will have the working capital to offer better services to business clients. What I'm looking to do right now is find out how people react to certain forms of marketing. I want to find out what types of ads they are most likely to click on, what website content would be most effective to turn a visitor into a client, who is most likely to refer friends and family members to my website, etc. I want to find out who they are and what they're looking for. Do you have any suggestions about how I can go about doing this?
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    Maybe draft up a survey with these questions on it, post it on your website and/or distribute it to people, and offer a savings on your services if the survey is completed and e-mailed to you. It'd be an incentive for them to actually complete the survey, and the little bit you're losing isn't nearly as much as the potential gain.

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    I think you should hire a technical and skilled person either inside or from outsource, who can provide you an intelligent direction alongwith sincere efforts & high intentions for your business expansion as you are entering into a new business segment.

    Turning a visitors to a customer by a click is a very very difficult process, for this you have a very powerfully designed website.
    You have to conduct vast research and analysis about the visitors as well as the prospective customers with the support of a high profile technical person from relevent field.

    Eventually It requires continuous research, analysis and monitoring.
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