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    Interesting design oversight

    I have, quite by accident, run across what seems a widespread design oversight.

    It would seem that many people have their browser's default background colour set to white. It would also seem that a good many websites (especially those with a predominantly white background) do not have a default page body colour set.

    To see what I am talking about, set your browser to use the default grey (or bright magenta for the adventurous) as a background and then go surfing the web. Watch how many sites show through the now contrasting background of the browser. It isn't limited to personal type sites either.

    Moral: always make sure the general background is set appropriately for the page, not just the sub-elements.

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    body { background: #fff; } is always set on my pages (if the background is indeed white).

    But, yeah, I know what you mean.

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    Yessir, always specify defaults, unless you're ok with user defaults taking precedence (your settings can be overridden regardless) - that's a fundamental rule right there! Another one to remember is to always specify background colors and text color in pairs. Even if there shouldn't be a background color, specify none. Otherwise, you run into potential conflicts with user-specified style sheets, and that's no good when you're trying to reach the broadest possible audience (plus, it takes SO little effort to follow this rule...).
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    I agree and excellent post! I've noted this on so many sites..and many "large", well known ones!

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    The W3C CSS validator will throw a warning if you specify a foreground color and no background color. It's handy like that.
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