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    Hosting Recommendations for Personal Site

    Hi Everyone,

    I am about to embark on a journey of creating my own personal site. I am looking for any recommendations on some good and cheap hosting services. I don't need much in terms of space and bandwidth but am looking for a windows server that can host content. Thanks for any help.

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    Since you don't need much, try looking into some of the larger companies. If you need more support options, stick with small. I remember it took me 20 minutes just to start talking to someone at It depends on exactly what you are looking for.
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    just something phlint said.. you say about , because you dont need much.

    i would say go with a smaller company

    1. because the support is somestimes better
    2. the dont over load the servers as much as bigger companies
    3. they can't give rediculase ammounts of features (bandwidth and disk space) that if you did get to their allowances you would be classed as hogging/abusing the servers.

    but do a search on google, here and opther forums for some hosting sites , send a few emails to see how they are etc.

    and ALWAYS read the TOS though a couple times.

    and see if any feed back in on here , google and other forums.
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    There are so many hosts out there, that you have to do proper research in order to find a suitable one for you. Support and Reliability are two important factors to consider before you pick a host.
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    One of my client wanted to use NJ based host whom he can call / mail whenever he need some help...

    I have recommended and its been almost 3 weeks now and he seems happy.

    Honestly, I have never tried but the client said he is happy.
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    1,582 has a cheap windows hosting plan. They have average service and reliability but, for a personal site, their prices are low.
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    Since 2 months I am at I have a 10$ per year plan with 100MB space and 10GB transfer.
    I have it for personal site and I am very satisfied.


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    We don't offer ASP hosting, but I can personally recommend two other hosts who do offer this and both of them seem to be excellent companies (I've dealt with both in the past and present):

    Alentus -
    Timehost -

    They both offer pretty reasonable rates and excellent customer support (of that I am sure! ).
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    I recommend
    for first account $99/ per year and next all account will be $50 yearly.

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