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    HSphere on 3 servers - Panel server


    I am considering to install HSphere. I can't continue to add more and more servers each with mySQL, Apache, mail server... there no possible optimisation if any server does various tasks.

    I want to start a HSphere based system. I will not move my existing customers to this system, exept if they ask, but all new customers will be on HSphere soon.

    So, I need 3 servers for a good start.

    Server 1: for the control panel + DNS

    Server 2 : mySQL + emails

    Server 3 :web + dns

    I don't know how much ressources I need for the server 1. It is very important to consider that I can't add another server if this server become saturated. I can add a web or mySQL server any time I want, but there is only 1 control panel server in any case. Do you know about this?
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    I am starting up my hosting Co using Hsphere and the machine I am using for now is p4 3.0 3gb ram (all in one currently) moving to multi server once first server is covered financially. I think you can have alot of customers hosted off the control panel machine; from what I understand what really bogs it down is an excess of resellers in your system. The real beauty of Hsphere is that you can start with 1 Machine and move to as many as you like seamlessly. Here is a reccomendation from Hsphere below i will paste from their site as far as server layout suggestions. Oh and as far as ram goes.....the control panel is a Pig for Ram...I would suggest at least 2gb for it

    1) Control Panel

    The partitioning requirements are the similar to those for the one server installation. This box will have the H-Sphere control panel, the system database, and SiteStudio (optional).

    2) Web + DNS2:

    / - 1-3 GB
    /usr - 3-5 GB
    /var -3-5 GB
    /hsphere - takes the rest of the space and is the biggest partition.

    3) Mail + DNS1 + MySQL + PostgreSQL:

    / - 1-3 GB
    /usr - 3-5 GB
    /var - takes the rest of the space for mail and MySQL files.

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    CP server, I would suggest Dual Processor, with at least 1GB RAM, preferably at least 1.5GB. It doesn't have to be a monster Dual Procesor either to start with, heck, we still use a Dual Tualatin S 1.4 setup. It's mainly the memory you've got to watch out for as Java is a bit of a hog. At the end of the day though, it's actually relatively trivial to migrate a service from one server to another if you outgrow the reources of it, even more so if you're keeping the same IPs.

    As for partitionining, the HSphere docs aren't quite what they should be in this regard. I'd always have these 3 things:

    /boot - 200MB
    /tmp - 1GB or 2GB
    Swap - 1GB or 2GB



    Partitions, but those depend on the size of your drives, usually we allocate:

    / - 6GB
    /usr - 8GB
    /var - Depends on the server usage
    /hsphere - Again, depends on the server usage

    For your mail servers, I'd go with RAID 1+0 for the disk, as mail tends to be 1000s of small writes, which can quickly lead to lots of I/O Wait State with slow drive sub-systems.
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    As stated, the documentation at Positive Software is good, but the partitions they provide are pure recommendations.

    /tmp does need its own partition as you will want to secure /tmp (linking /var/tmp to it).

    /var size will depend on potential mail and mysql users / database sizes as the mail queue and physical databases reside in /var

    We've found a root size of 3 GB works wonders; and typically recommend 250 MB for boot.

    KDAWebServices gives a good breakdown similar to the document we utilize as part of our services.

    Thank you.
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