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    Free animated banner... first 5 people!


    If you are a company on-line with a working web site, then we would like to design a 100% free logo for you! We recently purchased BannerGuys from the previous owners, and would like to setup some examples of our work with WHT members, and figured the best way to do this would be offering 5 people a chance at a free banner.

    A few very simple rules here:

    1. You MUST have a valid domain name and functional web site.

    2. You MUST have a logo

    3. The banner will be 468x60 (pixels)

    4. We will display the final product in our portfolio

    The first 5 people to PM me their contact e-mail will get an e-mail shortly, and then the design process will begin. Good luck!

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    pm sent with my details

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    Did anyone hear from these guys? Brian sent me an email asking for details which was provided to him more then a week ago and I havent gotten a reply via email or pm since.

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